#9 – Choosing Your Ride

by Sue Hawkes

#9 Choosing Your Ride “I’m afraid of what might happen…” Really, do you like roller coasters? I’ve asked people this question for years when they talk about being afraid to do something. Some people love roller coasters and some people are scared of roller coasters and would rather do anything than ride on one; rarely are people ambivalent about riding…

Sue Hawkes#9 – Choosing Your Ride

#8 – Patience

by Sue Hawkes

#8 Patience Patience is a virtue most people I know sincerely struggle with. It’s something results oriented, fast-paced, get it done, “I’m filling my calendar to the max” people find hard to conceive of. And yet it’s the place where a majority of the “good stuff” in life finds you. When you’re not pushing, hustling, efforting and “making it happen.”…

Sue Hawkes#8 – Patience

#7 – Playing to WIN

by Sue Hawkes

#7 Playing to WIN In blog #3, Playing Not to Lose, I showed a diagram about how people “play” in the game of life. I explained that what’s most impactful about the model for me is that very few people ever play to “WIN.” Most of us “play not to lose.” It’s safer there. And I offered there’s only one…

Sue Hawkes#7 – Playing to WIN

#6 – Reaction's Don't Lie

by Sue Hawkes

#6 – Reactions Don’t Lie Whenever I find myself triggered by an event, I know there’s learning available to me. If I bypass the opportunity to evaluate my reaction, I become a victim of whatever happened and can guarantee the next time a similar event occurs, I’ll react again – only it will be stronger and more automatic. If I’m…

Sue Hawkes#6 – Reaction's Don't Lie

#5 – Small Things

by Sue Hawkes

#5 Small Things As I sit on the plane during a busy week with one more day to work, looking forward to a full Friday and an equally full weekend, it occurs to me the little things really are the big things in life. It’s about having appreciation for the things my family, team and friends do that consistently make…

Sue Hawkes#5 – Small Things

#2 – The Essence of Conflict

by Sue Hawkes

#2 – The Essence of Conflict At its essence, most conflict is an argument between two things: intent and impact. One person claims their feelings are a direct result of the other persons words and actions, and the other person claims they had no intent to cause any of that impact. It’s simple really, but usually tough to de-tangle. There’s…

Sue Hawkes#2 – The Essence of Conflict

#1 – Building Habits

by Sue Hawkes

#1 – Building Habits Today is the first day of my new practice. I’ve committed to write a blog daily (minimum 5x/week) to build the muscle as Seth Godin challenged in his The First 1,000 are the most difficult blog. Why? Because I read his blog daily; it’s the ONLY thing I read every day. Many of the blogs make…

Sue Hawkes#1 – Building Habits