This chapter explores how to simplify working between generations effectively. Believing generational stereotypes limits your ability to harness the best from everyone at the table. Learn how to unlock potential from all generations by engaging everyone around shared values. Emphasis on gracefully communicating through the tough stuff.

Practices in the Book:

Building Bridges (pg. 128)

“Results Guaranteed” Communication Course (pg. 128)

Daily Check-Ins (pg. 132)

Share a Big Enough Why (pg. 135)

Set Clear Expectations (pg. 138)

Leaders in the Book:

Beth Kieffer Leonard, Managing Partner of Lurie LLP (pg. 129)

Kimpa Moss, COO of Lurie LLP (pg. 129)


“Why Millennials Keep Dumping You” -Lisa Earle McLeod¬†& Elizabeth McLeod

“Rules For My Kids” -Source Unknown

“The Secret to Self-Motivation” -Mel Robbins (video)

“5 Traits of Successful Teams” -Michael Schneider

“5 Things Older Generations Can Do to Help Millennials” -Bill Green

“R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Tips for Mentoring Millennial Salespeople” -Danita Bye

“1 Hard Truth Good Leaders Know About Managing People” -Marcel Schwantes

Rules for Kicking Ass in Life (infographic)

“The Drip” -Seth Godin

Leaders Are… (quote infographic)

¬†“7 Brilliant Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do When Their Buttons Are Pushed” -Marcel Schwantes

“Rules For Working in a Studio” -Seth Godin

“2 Questions to Help You Become More Successful” -Shana Lebowitz

“9 Simple Reminders That Will Make You a Better Leader” -Gordon Tredgold

“3 Surprising Ways That Millennials Communicate” -Kara Baskin

“5 Contributions” -Seth Godin

“Reading at Work” -Seth Godin

“6 Traits to Be Seen as a Leader (Regardless of Position)” -Elizabeth and Lisa Earle McLeod

“A Point of View” -Seth Godin


“People need to be reminded more than instructed.” -Samuel Johnson, English author and lexicographer

“One generation plants the tree; another gets the shade.” -Chinese proverb

Ali StieglbauerChapter 10: Entitled to Enlightened