Shattering Illusions

Challenge your thinking, minimize self-doubt, overcome self-imposed obstacles and maximize your full leadership potential.

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Move From Uncertain To Unstoppable

Take advantage of dozens of online courses hosted by Sue Hawkes, available 24/7. This is the place to make yourself, your business and your life Intentionally Great®.

No B.S.

Let’s agree not to waste any time. Let’s be honest, and choose to accept responsibility for the hard work required to change our lives and the world around us.


I’m nice and I’ll tell you the truth. You might not like what I have to say, but I promise you now that the reason I’ll say it is because it’ll help you and your organization succeed.

Doubt Slayer

Together, we’ll work through the tough stuff that comes up in your company, between your colleagues, or between your ears. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.


Call me when you’re ready to work. I’ll partner with you to challenge your thinking, and you’ll learn things you didn’t know about yourself. When we’re done, you’ll be unf♥<kwithable.


I’ve told you in the past that it’s a joy to watch someone doing what they are meant to do in life. And your quote about helping others making a meaningful living couldn’t be any more spot on either. You are a lucky woman! And I feel grateful for you sharing your gifts.

Matt Goldberg / Consultant

I love your stuff and you may have saved my life. Your energy, drive and positive approach always helps me with perspective. I was at a point where I needed some. Timing was great. Thanks again and keep smiling!

Bill G /

Thinking of you and I am grateful. You have made such a difference in my life and you continue to do it when I least expect it.

Bridget Gothberg / Certified Coach


Enterprising Woman of the Year Award 2018

Enterprising Woman Magazine

Exemplary Woman of the Community Award
Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce

Unsung Hero Award

Women in Business Champion of the Year Award
U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Midwest Region

Named “Top 25 Women to Watch”
Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal

Upsize Lifeline Award
Upsize Magazine

Dream Keeper Award
Minnesota Governor’s Commission

Women Who Lead
“Minnesota Business” Magazine

Achieve! Vision Award
NAWBO Minnesota

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