How To Improve Your Culture #847 

by Sue Hawkes

Culture comes from the top of the house.  If you’re a leader focused on your team, your first job is to develop yourself and them. The mode you’re in sets the tone for your team. What’s your day-to-day mood, mode, and behavior?  What I recognize is moods, modes, and behaviors I’ve consistently displayed include versions I’d consider more and less…

Sue HawkesHow To Improve Your Culture #847

Do You Really Know What You Want? #846 

by Sue Hawkes

When you look up, do you know what you want on the other side of any venture?  I find when I ask what I’m seeking, what outcome I want, or what results I’m expecting, I could be more specific most of the time. In fact, I find that to be true for most people when they’re struggling with an issue,…

Sue HawkesDo You Really Know What You Want? #846

It’s About Time #845 

by Sue Hawkes

Work smarter, not harder.  We’ve all heard the phrase and when we do so, it makes more sense than the cliché it’s become.  In my journey to 1,000 blogs, some of the benefits have made me more efficient overall. An example is what time of day I write.  In the morning, it’s my best and most creative time.   My mind…

Sue HawkesIt’s About Time #845

Intentional Acts of Kindness #844 

by Sue Hawkes

I drive a turquoise Jeep. It’s not a conventional color on a vehicle and I chose it for that reason. The dealer calls the color “bikini pearl” and I fell in love with it.   There aren’t a lot of Jeeps on the road in this color. For me, it’s bright and cheerful and makes it unique in the sea of…

Sue HawkesIntentional Acts of Kindness #844

Don’t Take The Bait #843 

by Sue Hawkes

When you live in abundance you never lack, and you never lose.  When thinking about the depth of what this means, consider all the things there are more than enough of…  Time  Energy  Money  Authority  Love  Fame  Ways to make a difference  Joy  Freedom  Peace  It’s a mindset and way of living that matters.  Especially when it’s challenging. Especially when…

Sue HawkesDon’t Take The Bait #843

Hacking Yourself #842 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s amazing when you hack yourself.  I was at the #EOSConference recently and made it happen. Though I intend to maintain my practices regardless of my full calendar, I don’t always get it done.  I work to stay focused on water consumption, sleep, meditation, journaling/blogging, exercise and reflection, and during conference season, it’s often an imperfect and lumpy experience while…

Sue HawkesHacking Yourself #842

We Wouldn’t Be Here Without You #841  

by Sue Hawkes

I’m celebrating mothers today and all days of the year.  I’m grateful I’ve had an incredible mom, amazing Edina mom (pseudo adoptive mom with no stretchmarks), and a fantastic mother-in-law.  Whether yours taught you what to do or what not to do, they informed who you are as a person as well as what matters. They carried you, literally and…

Sue HawkesWe Wouldn’t Be Here Without You #841

Life Unfolding #840 

by Sue Hawkes

The signs are there.   Can you see them?  When you’re present, it’s like entering the Matrix.   Everything slows down.   The pieces of the puzzle emerge and assemble themselves into a new, vibrant picture of what’s possible.   The picture isn’t accessible without letting go of where you are. It means leaving what’s comfortable, predictable, and has served you to arrive at…

Sue HawkesLife Unfolding #840

On Purpose #839 

by Sue Hawkes

What does it mean to be intentional?  One of the definitions is to be “done on purpose.”  Asking the question about how much you do “on purpose” is an interesting one. Some people answer quickly with of course, however, when you slow to hear the verbiage, it begs the question, what is your purpose?  I was in a workshop recently…

Sue HawkesOn Purpose #839

Surrendering #838 

by Sue Hawkes

The good news with age is a level of certainty when disruption is happening.   Because I’ve weathered hard things and experienced the challenges that come with the pain of growth personally and professionally, I find I’m able to accept the pain with a grounded approach to weathering the turmoil.  I have peace in my heart knowing I’ll get through whatever…

Sue HawkesSurrendering #838