Work Life Balance is Bullshit!

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I’ve asked quite a number of leaders whether there is such a thing as work life balance. Almost everyone says no without hesitation. They agree there are times we’re present, we’re grounded, we’re in sync with what matters, and we’re in the zone—feeling all the joyous personal and professional satisfaction we’re looking for. Yet, it’s as though the second we…

Sue HawkesWork Life Balance is Bullshit!

Culture Wins #982 

by Sue Hawkes

One of the great exercises I’ve offered clients recently is the gift of expanding gratitude and enhancing their culture. It’s a simple exercise and it has exponential impact.  When we talk about talent in our session rooms, we encourage the leadership team to create a magnetic culture. Think about that. A magnet does two things. It attracts and repels.  Both…

Sue HawkesCulture Wins #982

Doesn’t Feel Like Work #981 

by Sue Hawkes

Family business isn’t for everyone.   For those of us who appreciate it, one of the benefits of doing work you love is doing it with people you love.   Whether by chance, by choice, or by circumstance, I hope you truly enjoy those you work with to the point of loving them.  For us, one of the blessings we count is…

Sue HawkesDoesn’t Feel Like Work #981

An Offer Not to be Missed #980 

by Sue Hawkes

We help people increase how intentional they are as leaders, in their business and in life. This is why you – our committed blog readers – will receive our best deal offered on our online question-a-day journal. We’ve slashed the price in half from Black Friday through Cyber Monday for you!   If you’re looking for a daily gift to help…

Sue HawkesAn Offer Not to be Missed #980

Today, I’ll Start with Gratitude #979 

by Sue Hawkes

Happy Thanksgiving! With gratitude, we repost this blog annually to remind us to pause and bathe in gratitude. From our heart to yours, we wish you an abundant and joyous Thanksgiving.  This morning, I was fully present to the sunrise.  I don’t mean just observing the great colors, or simply noticing how the rolling clouds seemed almost artificial in their…

Sue HawkesToday, I’ll Start with Gratitude #979

Memories Matter #978 

by Sue Hawkes

This week is one I cherish. Our kids come to the house to decorate for the holidays, we launch the holiday tunes and finish with a great meal and some games.   As a chosen family, it means we’ve created our own traditions. One of which is cherishing time together and focusing on experiences, not material things. We’re aligned around doing…

Sue HawkesMemories Matter #978

It Works Every Time #977 

by Sue Hawkes

Kevin was recognized for an incredible award this past weekend. Though he won the award in 2021, the pandemic delayed the recognition of his great leadership in medicine until this year.  It was a big deal for him, and our entire family made it to the event with his colleagues and toasted his commitment to excellence in leadership and our…

Sue HawkesIt Works Every Time #977

Five Steps to Peace #976 

by Sue Hawkes

For some of us, when things aren’t going right, we react with emotion. This describes me.  Over time, I’ve learned to wait before reacting, and at times that works. I’ve found people who react more logically do better with this method than I do. *(Waiting 24 hours before saying anything is often a good idea for most of us when…

Sue HawkesFive Steps to Peace #976

Transforming Reactions to Learning #975 

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes I react. I’m not proud of it, but I do it.  Learning to pause when emotion overtakes logic is a journey I’ve been on for many years. I’ve gotten great practice in my work, yet I’m a work in progress every day.  This quote from Ram Dass reminds me the work I’m doing is about me, and the world…

Sue HawkesTransforming Reactions to Learning #975

Entering The Danger #974 

by Sue Hawkes

This time of year, I have the honor of guiding people through deep team health work.   It’s often challenging for the teams as most of us aren’t fluent in offering feedback, discussing friction between us, or receiving appreciation well.    As one leader courageously offered in a recent session “I don’t feel heard…” the team missed the opening this vulnerable statement…

Sue HawkesEntering The Danger #974

Help, I’m Stumped #973 

by Sue Hawkes

Some of you have asked about whether there will be a celebration at the end of 1,000 blogs. Others have asked me if I’ll continue beyond blog 1,000.   Celebrating at blog 1,000 has got me stumped. I’m not a person who lacks ideas or reasons to celebrate, so it’s prompted some thinking for me as I’ve not come up with…

Sue HawkesHelp, I’m Stumped #973