What do you do when the rug gets pulled from your life in a way you could have never prepared for?

As a leader, you have many people who are dependent on you, both personally and professionally. But what happens when you encounter a collision of life events which leaves you feeling as if you’ve got few options and nothing left to give? In this workshop, Sue shows you how to dig deep to create the energy, commitment, support and drive to move forward amidst overwhelming circumstances. Leaders and executives will learn how to prioritize what is truly important.

Build positive, forwarding practices that lead you to better thinking and results.

This content comes from Sue’s book, Chasing Perfection – Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt and Maximize Success, which explores mastering the self-doubt that often accompanies leaders as they achieve greater levels of success. In this book Sue offers wisdom and practices readers can use to catalyze success while creating peace in both their personal and professional lives.

Ali StieglbauerConquering Catastrophe