Are you looking for the secret to accountability, excellence and ease with your team?

If you are a leader who is in a position to communicate the vision and strategy for your team and you need effective practices that will sustain performance, this program is for you. With our practical techniques in hand, you will be able to empower your team to achieve bigger goals with fewer resources.

This 3-day program is useful for those in leadership positions including; CEOs, business owners, executives, managers, mentors, sales and human resources professionals and professional coaches.  “Foundations of Coaching in Business” is team-oriented, practical, and designed to give you ease, excellence and accountability in working with your team.

You will learn:

  • How to clearly communicate the vision and strategy for your team
  • How to consistently ask meaningful questions that generate creative responses
  • The critical distinctions to managing, leading and coaching and why they matter
  • How to create systems that evoke ongoing performance excellence in yourself and others

Start creating accountability and excellence within your team today- our proven practices and follow-up webcasts will ensure sustained results.

“The 3 days of this program were more educational, beneficial, provocative and inspiring than I ever imagined. I learned more in this short amount of time than in any college course on management and leadership.” -Jo Ann Dimino, Applied Products

Ali StieglbauerFoundations of Coaching in Business