Focus Leads to Success- EOS Client Highlight: Mirror Show Management

by Sue Hawkes

Focus Leads to Success

EOS Client Highlight: Mirror Show Management

December is a time of reflection and commitment, and we’re excited to feature our client Mirror Show Management (MSM) as an example of how focus has propelled their success. MSM exemplifies what it means to be diligent about their target market and Core Focus, recognizing this is the most effective way to realize their Vision. No distractions from “shiny objects” for this team- they stick to their commitments while realizing their Vision.

MSM is a premier exhibit design and customer experience firm located in Webster, NY. A certified woman-owned business, MSM provides complete trade show and event management that bring clients’ brands to life. Focused on exhibit greatness™, MSM has been creating breakthrough experiences around the world since 1993.

In EOS, Core Focus is how we describe the big “why” a company is in business coupled with “what” they have superior skill to do. This can often be a challenge for entrepreneurial companies as they identify new ideas and opportunities all the time. Many of those ideas aren’t aligned with the company’s core business or profitable to pursue, and can be a distraction (think shiny object) with time, talent and resources. MSM defined their Core Focus and shares it as follows: “Mirror Show exists for only one reason; to exhibit greatness in serving our customers. And we’ll do virtually anything to achieve it. [We] deliver a level of service to our customers so extraordinary that it inspires a deep trust and results in long term relationships.” Their Core Focus serves as the guardrails on the highway for all the work MSM does.

Tools like the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) help the Mirror Show team stay in line with their Core Focus. “The V/TO is continually reviewed and shared with our employees,” says CEO Donna Shultz. “We never lose sight of it and are always on point because of it. Team alignment has increased tremendously as well due to increased awareness and focus.” We know people on average need to hear something seven times before they can hear it the first time. By consistently reviewing and sharing their Vision and Core Focus, the MSM leadership team ensures all employee efforts are aligned – short and long term.

In addition to helping MSM stick to their Core Focus, EOS has helped them define their ideal client. Using EOS “gave us concrete metrics that we can point to when evaluating and targeting new customers” says Donna. MSM focuses on selling only to ideal clients who are looking for what they do best.

Donna sights the biggest EOS benefits as “consistent messaging, structure, increased follow through, strong culture definition and tremendous growth.” No kidding! Last month, Mirror Show Management was ranked number one on the Rochester, NY Top 100 list of fastest growing companies, the highest honor in their community. Congratulations MSM, you’re an example of the success that comes with dedicated focus and commitment to your Vision.

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Sue HawkesFocus Leads to Success- EOS Client Highlight: Mirror Show Management