Learnings From Loss

by Sue Hawkes

In this month’s “Inspiring Women” column, I was honored to share the story of Sandy Hansen-Wolff, my friend and colleague who inspires all who know her. Sandy’s life changed when her first husband passed away and she acquired his business; she used her loss as a way to learn and become stronger. Now she inspires others as a motivational speaker and CEO of AgVenture Feed & Seed.

Sandy believes we all have the choice “to either dig deep or give up,” and she made the choice to dig deep. “I’ve realized that having an intuition about something and then putting some literal steps behind it has really served me well,” Sandy shares. That’s not to say it was an easy journey. At first she felt like she was in survival mode, and worked to just get through the day. Eventually, it became easier with the help of true friends, family and strong faith. “The power of tapping into a Higher Power,” says Sandy, “was the number-one resource that I held to and still do today.” Now, Sandy has come to view her past not as a tragedy, but as a gift of life lessons she can share with others.

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Sue HawkesLearnings From Loss