YESS! Newsletter August 2017

by Sue Hawkes

This week is all about Vision; mine takes me to our annual YESS! Client Appreciation Party and what it will look like on Thursday. I’m excited to see 100+ people networking and laughing, some dancing, great food and drinks and some crazy contests, games and prizes awarded. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring together our clients, colleagues and friends to celebrate the work we do together while celebrating our success and making new connections. The photo above is from last year’s party, and I can’t wait to unleash the surprises!

Creating relationships based on shared values has always been a part of my vision, and in this month’s client highlight, Lift Bridge Brewing Co. CEO Dan Schwarz discusses how they’ve catalyzed their employees with the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS®) and the Lift Bridge vision is keeping all efforts aligned. The full interview sharing Dan’s wisdom along with Certified EOS Implementer Dan Hawkes‘ is below.

Communication is equally important to Vision. You’ll read the parallels I’ve identified between entrepreneurs and millennials in our “Millennial Myths” article (which we’ve excerpted from my upcoming book Chasing Perfection), and how to use these similarities to build bridges. Communicating from common ground allows you to work more effectively with those who are different from you, whether in age or anything else.

Don’t lose sight of your vision during these seductive summer months; we are more than half way through the year, and after all, your success depends on it. Once you identify your Vision, remember to communicate it often.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer and we’ll see you on the boat!

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Sue HawkesYESS! Newsletter August 2017