Maximize Your Mornings

by Ali Stieglbauer

Mornings are the most productive part of the day.

We’ve all heard this before, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. So how do you maximize your mornings and make them more effective? Check out these 4 suggestions below.

  1. Meditate. Meditation has many scientifically proven health benefits, including a more calm demeanor and focused mind. I find that meditating in the morning allows me to feel less frantic; I walk into my business day with clear priorities. The smartphone app Headspace is a great resource for meditation beginners.
  2. Take a hot shower. Every morning I start my day with a scalding hot shower. It wakes me up, and there is something special about the water cascading down that allows ideas and insights to escape from my mind. Many other entrepreneurs I talk to have found this same result. Once you are done showering, make sure you capture your ideas right away so you don’t forget them.
  3. Play a podcast. I love to learn, and listening to podcasts allows me to learn while I multitask. Every morning I play a podcast while getting ready. One of my favorite podcasters is Tim Ferriss. I enjoy podcasts so much that I’ve created my own- listen here.
  4. Listen to upbeat music. Music has always been a motivator for me. Whether I am working out or about to give a big presentation, I enjoy listening to upbeat music to get myself amped up and in the zone. I play upbeat music on my drive in to work so that I begin each day on a positive note. Check out our list of power songs here.

Do you have morning rituals to share? We’d love to hear them! Email with comments.

Ali StieglbauerMaximize Your Mornings