Jacobs Marketing: Client Highlight

by Ali Stieglbauer

Jacobs Marketing: Client Highlight Interview
The Jacobs Marketing purpose is “to connect and guide for our partners to thrive.” CEO Jackie Gibney embodies this purpose, and she shares how EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, has helped the company live it even stronger. Companies hire the Jacobs team to help them manage their businesses at Target, with offerings including Account Management, Category Management, Inventory Management, Digital Services and Analytical Insights. “Many companies hire us to do deep analytics for them. Our analytics and digital are a few things that set us apart from our competition,” shares Jackie. This clear focus allows the Jacobs team to be experts in their industry.

YESS!: What drew you to EOS?
JACKIE: I read Traction and knew I wanted to bring more structure and accountability into the company but wasn’t sure how. I tried to figure out how I could implement a few of the tools. Then I met Sue and she suggested I read Get a Grip. I liked reading that one, and after speaking with Sue I knew I had to do EOS all the way. I couldn’t do it halfway by implementing the tools myself.

YESS!: What has been the biggest benefit of EOS on your business?
JACKIE: The first benefit is that our leadership team is a higher functioning leadership team, not just a team of leaders. EOS has pulled us together to be more team-oriented and make decisions more quickly and effectively. Another benefit is the V/TO; it totally kicks butt. It’s been a game changer because it brings such clarity. No matter who I’m talking to, whether they are a client, Target, or a potential hire, I can say with clarity and confidence where Jacobs Marketing is going and how we are going to get there. It’s made a difference of how we show up both internally and externally, and that message is the same.

YESS!: What has surprised you?
JACKIE: How much change needed to be made and how far we needed to go. I was surprised by how powerful it is to all get on the same page, not only with your vision and where you’re going but also who is doing what and how you’re going to get there.

YESS!: What partnership and leadership transitions have taken place since implementing EOS?
JACKIE: We have really transparent and collective conversations about each person. We discuss how we are performing today and where we need to get to for the betterment of the company. We are all aligned and helping each other get there. EOS also brought a lot of awareness about people who had strong leadership qualities that should have been promoted more quickly. We’ve now promoted them and let them loose to be great leaders.

YESS!: How has the team come together as a result of EOS?
JACKIE: For the larger organization, sharing the V/TO and clarity of where we are going has been very valuable. We’ve also implemented Rocks with everyone. For the leadership team, the Level 10 Meeting has made us much more effective and aligned.

YESS!: How have your meetings improved?
JACKIE: The Level 10 Meetings are so powerful, and having the same agenda every week makes them way more effective than other meetings. These 90 minute meetings have saved us dozens of hours every week by eliminating side conversations and check-ins with each other. The more we solve issues the better we get, and we walk out of the meeting with alignment and decisions being made.

YESS!: What has been the most challenging part of implementing EOS?
JACKIE: The change. But then you realize how much it was needed, and you wish you would have done it 5 years ago. There is change in people, roles, expectations, and how you make decisions, and it’s absolutely worth it.

YESS!: How has accountability changed within your organization since EOS?
JACKIE: It’s improved. We now have a scorecard where each leader reports their numbers and there is more clarity on roles. Everything is transparent, we’re all rowing in the same direction, and everyone is holding each other accountable. Sue has also helped us get more comfortable with conflict and confronting teammates when things are off track to ask, “What’s the issue, how can we help?”

YESS!: What EOS tool has been most valuable?
JACKIE: The V/TO, Level 10 Meeting and Accountability Chart have all been integral in setting our direction to steer the ship. I’m so glad I didn’t try to self-implement and piecemeal EOS; you really need all the tools working together to make it function effectively. Those offsite meetings help us make sure we’re focusing on the business together.

YESS!: How has your business changed since implementing EOS?
JACKIE: Our business has changed so much. EOS has created a great plan and a great leadership team. As the Visionary, I’m now looking out into our future more clearly and confidently than I ever have. Now we’ve got the team and plan that make sure our day-to-day is executed. Now we have a better plan for the future and plus it’s way more fun.

YESS!: What is the most beneficial part of working with a Certified EOS Implementer?
JACKIE: If I didn’t work with a Certified EOS Implementer I know I would have given up by now, and the worst thing for our company would have been to start and then stop another thing. A Certified EOS Implementer guides you and makes sure you’re implementing the system correctly, and they’ll also make sure EOS is working so you keep going with it. Some of the small things Sue says course-correct us so much and are some of the biggest things that we get out of our days together. She’ll call us out and say “you’re tiptoeing,” or “if you have something to say, say it.” Sue is our resource and partner to help guide us and to ask, “Have you thought about this?” The companies I know who are running on EOS with a Certified Implementer have stunning before-and-afters. About two years in, the way they talk, their confidence and their fun-factor is greatly improved. Seeing that happen to some of my friends’ companies, I needed to try it – thankfully!!

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Ali StieglbauerJacobs Marketing: Client Highlight