Who Supports You, the Coach?

by Ali Stieglbauer

Sue’s article on coaching, “Who Supports You, the Coach?” was recently published in Coaching Perspectives, a global coaching publication. 

As a coach you offer support to your clients every day. And who supports you? Coaches are entrusted with many things, such as their clients’ career, growth opportunity or family issues. When you don’t maintain your own healthy practices as a coach you can erode your own confidence and well-being. Coaches need support, and can find it by being vulnerable and asking for it, establishing a network of resources, and being diligent with their practices, specifically self-care. In order to best serve your clients, you must first claim support for yourself, the coach. I believe this so strongly that I titled a chapter of my book, Chasing Perfection, ‘Put On Your Oxygen Mask First.’ We must first take care of ourselves before assisting others. We do this by embracing vulnerability, creating a network of support outside of coaching and practicing self-care.

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Ali StieglbauerWho Supports You, the Coach?