WPO ForbesBooks Radio features Sue

by Ali Stieglbauer

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Sue shares about her new book, Chasing Perfection- Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Successand how it can help all leaders achieve their maximum potential. This book provides actionable practices to conquer self-doubt while maximizing your success. By following the practices in this book you’ll achieve continuous self-improvement, resulting in increased freedom, internal peace and unshakable excellence. Listen to the full podcast below.


Sue and Marisa Smith (both Certified EOS Implementers) also got the opportunity to discuss EOS and the difference it makes for businesses. EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a comprehensive business system, integrating a holistic business model with a complete set of simple business tools and a proven business process to align and synchronize all the pieces of your business to produce the results you want. Listen to the full podcast below.





Ali StieglbauerWPO ForbesBooks Radio features Sue