YESS! Newsletter February 2018

by Ali Stieglbauer

This is our year. The year to focus, expand, and maximize our impact. As I reflect just one month into 2018, I’m determined to be more intentional than ever about my practices and choices about where I spend my time. What practices serve you best? Which ones serve your highest and best use? I invite you to join me on the journey to make this the year you achieve your greatest potential.

Part of achieving your potential is creating space for yourself in order to have space to create. As a leader, it’s easy to become over-scheduled and running so quickly that you lack space to innovate and ideate. The article below, “Create Space to Have Space to Create,” appeared in theNew York Daily News and highlights a few practices on how to begin to create space. Additionally, how can you make this the year of your team? Bridging the gap between different generations can sometimes be challenging; how can you learn to communicate effectively in order to engage everyone? My other article, “4 Tips For Blending Generations Into the Workplace” offers suggestions on how to do so.

Please join us on our journey of intention, discipline and expansion. Here’s to shattering any illusions in the way of your best year yet!

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Ali StieglbauerYESS! Newsletter February 2018