YESS! Newsletter June 2018

by Ali Stieglbauer

Summer has officially arrived – FINALLY! That means a short season of weekends at the cabin and shorter Fridays for those of us in the Midwest. While I love being outside in the sunshine as much as the next person, I also am disciplined in staying focused on my goals – personally and professionally. It is easy to relax your practices over the summer months, especially if your business is slower during this time of the year, like it is for ours.

What becomes possible if you and your partners (in life and business) create a different way to spend your time and maintain your focus during slower seasons? You can use slower times in your business to develop yourself and your team, build and refine your processes and infrastructure, create new products and services, and strategically prepare for busier times. Using this time to focus and become stronger requires more of you and your team when the pace is slowing around you. Are you prepared?

In this month’s newsletter I share how vulnerability, especially from leadership, builds a stronger team and I’m honored to feature a guest article by Dr. Paul White, co-author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, who I recently had the pleasure of learning from.

When we are moving fast, we can forget to appreciate our team or connect with them personally about what matters to them. What difference would appreciating your team make in your relationships and business? Read on to learn more from Dr. Paul.

We hope you enjoy the summer and all it has to offer while taking full advantage of the opportunity to focus on those practices you might otherwise miss during your busiest season. We encourage you to challenge yourself to elevate yourself and your team at the same time.

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Ali StieglbauerYESS! Newsletter June 2018