The Wisdom of Michael Allosso

by Ali Stieglbauer

We were privileged to have Communications and Awareness Specialist Michael Allosso present at WPO Minnesota’s Professional Development Day. He brought incredible energy, wowed the audience and left us with actionable take-aways. Here is what stood out most for us:

Leadership and Acting Use the Same Skills:

Michael shared with us how similar acting and leading really are. In both cases, you are inspiring, bringing energy, and convincing others of what is possible. He shared that as a leader, the minute you pull into the office parking lot you need to be “on.” It’s showtime! These are the top skills needed for both leaders and actors; we couldn’t believe the similarities!

  1. Authenticity
  2. Adaptability
  3. Empathy
  4. Passion
  5. Listening/ Observation
  6. Resiliency
  7. Vulnerability
  8. Charisma
  9. Ability to Improvise
  10. Ability to Take Feedback and Direction


We are sending micro-messages all the time; it’s in everything we do. What car you drive, how you dress, what you takes notes in- they are all micro-messages. Michael defines a micro-message as “The things we do that let people know how we feel and who we are.” People respond to these messages (both positively and negatively), so make sure you are intentional about the messages you are sending. If you are a presenter, ask yourself, “What is the right costume for my performance?” Michael also emphasized the importance of swagger: walking into a room with confidence and “like you own it.”


T.S.P. is Michael’s method to give feedback. Focus on giving Truthful, Specific and Positive feedback consistently, and you’ll be amazed at the results you see in your employees. Michael recommends that you give T.S.P. often so that when you do need to give negative feedback to someone they will feel secure and be able to truly hear you. He likes to compare giving T.S.P. to being a “beauty gatherer;” look for the small, beautiful things in life to comment on. Additionally, the goal of T.S.P. is to make every person you encounter a little bit better after having interacted with you. Our audience was lucky enough to experience this with Michael first-hand. His advice: “If you’re concerned with yourself, give out!”

Additional Useful Tips: 

  1. Shut Up and Show Up: Let your actions speak for you.
  2. Energy Begets Energy: It takes more energy to turn on and off during the day; it’s more useful to just be “on” all the time.
  3. On Speaking: Take pauses, make eye contact and use dynamics: speak louder and softer at times, and speak faster and slower at times.
  4. Bookend Your Day: Start and end your day with something that fills you up.
  5. Stop Multi-tasking: Obvious multi-tasking shows disrespect; be present with the people you are with and honor the moment.

True to his goals, we were all better after having spent a day with Michael Allosso. We’d highly recommend him as a speaker, and you can learn more about his practice here.

Ali StieglbauerThe Wisdom of Michael Allosso