#1 – Building Habits

by Sue Hawkes

Today is the first day of my new practice. I’ve committed to write a blog daily (minimum 5x/week) to build the muscle as Seth Godin challenged in his The First 1,000 are the most difficult blog. Why? Because I read his blog daily; it’s the ONLY thing I read every day. Many of the blogs make me think, and that is worth it.

This particular blog from Seth is resulting in a new practice for me. I’ve taken the bait because over the years, without having met him, I’ve learned to trust him. More importantly, I trust his advice. He’s wise and based on that first 1,000, I’ve learned I can count on him. And that is enough.

Follow through is a rare thing these days. Many people are good short term, many are good for a while, but few, very few, are consistent and follow through. It’s an art form much like common sense; it’s been lost in the feeding frenzy of social media.

So here’s to my first of the first 1,000. Please join me as I discover what following through means in this domain. Where do you need to take new ground?

Sue Hawkes#1 – Building Habits