This chapter explores using your intuition as a strategic influence in your business and life. As a leader, how do you lead with and follow your intuition – especially amidst “logical” counter arguments? Emphasis on quieting your limiting self-talk and learning to trust yourself.

Practices in the Book:

How Can You Get in Touch With Your Intuition? (pg. 64)

Establishing a Daily Meditation- Jack Kornfield (pg. 70)

Leaders Featured in the Book:

Sandy Hansen-Wolff, CEO of AgVenture Feed & Seed (pg. 67)

Laurie Wondra, Owner and Shaman of YourLifeCore and IT Executive (pg. 73)


Intuitive Ability Test 

“Meditation Resources” -Sue Hawkes (blog)

“Mindfulness: An Everyday’s Guide To Being Mindful For Better Sleep And A Balanced Life” -NestMaven


“Intuition is the intelligence of the heart and the knowledge of the soul. It knows instantly and constantly what can take decades of experience for the mind to logically sort out and understand. Trust it and the reason will follow in time.” -Doe Zantamata, author, artist and photographer

“Your intuition knows what to do. The trick is getting your mind to shut up so you can hear.” -Louis Smith, female NASCAR racer, dubbed First Lady of Racing

Ali StieglbauerChapter 5: Intuition Is Your Superpower