This chapter explores the excellence and mastery it takes to become an exceptional business leader. Women leaders must be willing to go the extra mile, deliver what’s possible, and work to always improve – regardless of limits, or what may seem reasonable to others.

Practices in the Book:

Rituals of the Masters (pg. 90)

Entrepreneurial Quiz (pg. 93)

Championing Others (pg. 95)

Leaders in the Book:

Mahtab Rezai, Principal and CEO of Crux Collaborative (pg. 93)

Julie Allinson, Founder of eyebobs (pg. 98)


“VC’s Conversations About Female Entrepreneurs” -Harvard Business Review

“At the End, You Will Get Your Turn” -Simon Sinek (video)

“7 Characteristics of Peak Performers” -Bobbie Goheen

“How Bill Gates Starts His Mornings” -Sonya Mann

Morning Priming Exercise– Tony Robbins

“The #1 Habit to Develop as a Leader” -Gordon Tredgold

“10 Unmistakable Signs You Should Be Working for Yourself” -Liz Ryan (video)

“Who is the American Entrepreneur?” -John Dick

“Meet the Woman Who Broke Silicon Valley’s Gender Barrier” -Maria Aspan

“Carry Yourself With the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man” -Julia Baird

Life of an Entrepreneur (infographic)

“Sparking a Peak Performance Culture” (pdf)

“2 Questions to Help You Become More Successful” -Shana Lebowitz

“I Got 99 Problems- Palsy is Just One” -Maysoon Zayid TED Talk (video)

“The Drip” -Seth Godin

“Tim Ferris Shares the 5 Books that Have Influenced Him the Most” -Richard Feloni

“Women Need to Be Believed” -Jessica Valenti

“Rules For Working in a Studio” -Seth Godin

“What Are You Willing to Struggle For?” -Mark Manson

“9 Simple Reminders That Will Make You a Better Leader” -Gordon Tredgold

“My Morning Routine” -Wendell Potter

“5 Contributions” -Seth Godin

“The 10 Traits That Define Entrepreneurs” -Jacqueline Whitmore

“The 5 Hour Rule” -Michael Simmons

“Reading at Work” -Seth Godin

“6 Traits to Be Seen as a Leader (Regardless of Position)” -Elizabeth and Lisa Earle McLeod

“A Point of View” -Seth Godin


“After all, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backward and in high heels.” -Bob Thaves, creator of the comic strip Frank and Earnest

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” -Will Smith, actor

“10 Powerful Quotes from Oprah”Entrepreneur

Ali StieglbauerChapter 7: Backward & In Heels