“Operationally Speaking” Podcast

by Ali Stieglbauer

Sue and Ali were recently featured on Voice America’s podcast “Operationally Speaking,” hosted by Sergiu Simmel. The episode is titled “Entitled to Enlightened” and explores how to use communication to build a bridge between different generations in the workplace. Generational stereotypes limit our ability to harness the best from everyone at the table, and  Sue and Ali share how to…

Ali Stieglbauer“Operationally Speaking” Podcast

Millennial Myths

by Sue Hawkes

Millennials get a bad rap, but are they really that different from any other generation of people? When I stopped to think about the common millennial traits we hear about so often, I realized how many of those same traits are also prevalent with entrepreneurs. How we outwardly demonstrate these traits may look different, but at the core, our values…

Sue HawkesMillennial Myths