WEE Goes to Baltimore!

by Ali Stieglbauer

We are excited to announce that through our program, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Experience (WEE), three young women have received scholarships to attend the WPO Annual Conference this week in Baltimore, MD. This conference is an international gathering of female business owners who join together to reconnect, network and learn.

Our three winners, Bobbi Hansen, Hannah Schaefer and Junita Flowers, were chosen out of a number of applicants due to their friendly personalities and drive for business. All three also mentioned using what they learned at the conference to help other women move ahead, and we appreciate their desire to pay it forward. Bobbi and Hannah are both seniors in college hoping to pursue business after graduation, and Junita already owns a cookie business called Favorable Treats. Be sure to check out her cookies- we know they are delicious from personal experience!

Stay tuned this week for more updates from the WPO Annual Conference!


Ali StieglbauerWEE Goes to Baltimore!