Pressure Wash Yourself To Clarity #592

by Sue Hawkes

Who knew pressure washing would be gratifying? I sure didn’t.  At least not until I tried it.  Sometimes doing a task which is simple, mundane and productive is just what the doctor ordered.   Though I ended covered in dirt, pressure washing gave me the clarity on many things happening in my business and life.   When your thinking gets stuck, take to cleaning something. I’ve found it to be…

Sue HawkesPressure Wash Yourself To Clarity #592

Saying Goodbye to 2020 #490

by Sue Hawkes

Work from home – school from home – everybody’s home   Zoomed in, zoomed out  Online workouts, school, training, meetings; life feels like it’s on a screen  Remote, online, distance and hybrid learning  Grey hair, long hair and home haircuts are in, haircuts at a distance  Everything behind plexiglass   Visiting loved ones through windows   Doctors, dentists and front-line workers in hazmat suits   Being alone for birth, illness and…

Sue HawkesSaying Goodbye to 2020 #490

Give It Space #489

by Sue Hawkes

The enemy of connection is distraction. Do you agree? I do.  What can you do to delete, diminish, or discontinue the amount of distraction you allow or create?  Whether in a pandemic, on a screen, in person with devices chiming in, busy multitasking or any number of other things which can limit, alter, or seize our attention – what can…

Sue HawkesGive It Space #489

The Door Is Open #488

by Sue Hawkes

Curiosity. It’s the doorway to your greatest opportunities.  Are you willing to be more curious than certain relative to what’s possible for you, your business and your life?   If so, ask questions, listen, be willing to have your thinking and certainty undone.  The key to transforming the reality you’re experiencing is to ask new questions. If you want a new experience, you have to be willing to let…

Sue HawkesThe Door Is Open #488

Our Memories Are Short #487

by Sue Hawkes

I’m looking back at 2020 with wonder and curiosity. Are you?  When I think of this year most people tired with all it’s twists, turns, losses, challenges and opportunities, I am filled with gratitude. There was no way to be a bystander this year.  2020 demanded more of all of us than most years ever will. Will you pause long enough to savor…

Sue HawkesOur Memories Are Short #487

Take Your Own Medicine #486

by Sue Hawkes

Taking a break is healthy. No, really it is.   If you’re like me and have to remind yourself of this from time to time, know we are kindred spirits.  The blogs will be short this week… you know why? I’m reflecting and taking a break! Really.  When you commit yourself to Intentional Greatness®, it means you have to take your own medicine as well.   Rest, reflect,…

Sue HawkesTake Your Own Medicine #486

Sending Love #485

by Sue Hawkes

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” Ruth Carter Stapleton  Sending you love from my heart today and always.   Sue 

Sue HawkesSending Love #485

Tell Them #484

by Sue Hawkes

Love notes. They are an art and a gift.   One of the sweetest presents I received when I married my husband 5 years ago came from my best friend. She handed me a card and it forever changed how I looked at post-its.   In her congratulatory card, she included a gold sharpie pen, a square pad of Post-it’s, her well…

Sue HawkesTell Them #484

Appreciation Game #483

by Sue Hawkes

Thank you. To those who read this blog consistently and share it, those who take the time to give a comment or thumbs up, and those who call, text, email and let me know it mattered.  Writing is a funny thing. For me, I feel vulnerable when writing in a way other actions do not afford. For me, offering my…

Sue HawkesAppreciation Game #483

Patience not Patients #482

by Sue Hawkes

In a year when nothing is “normal” and we’re all waiting for 2020 to become 2021, please remember today is what we have. I end my podcasts and my autoresponder with “make today great, it’s the only day you’ve got…”   We’re in the crunch time of the pandemic, and I’ve been in many conversations hearing people sharing how tired they are of “it.”…

Sue HawkesPatience not Patients #482