Pondering Travel #462

by Sue Hawkes

Like most people, I’ve traveled far less this year than ever in my adult life.   Having been in an airport at a time in history when it’s a secluded space, it’s interesting to experience people’s reactions. They range from “you’re traveling?” to “how is it?” and the tone is variable from dismay to curiosity. Some people ask their question with a dose of judgment embedded as well. …

Sue HawkesPondering Travel #462

Refocusing Yourself #461

by Sue Hawkes

On the wall above my desk I have a question to focus my attention and remind me of what’s important.  Some days, I’m very present to it and it guides my thinking and actions.   Other days, I seem to be oblivious to it…until something causes me to “see” it again and refocus.  It works 100% of the time and I rely upon it because some…

Sue HawkesRefocusing Yourself #461

Adaptability Quotient #438

by Sue Hawkes

Have you traveled?  I have, in a limited amount, and like everything this year, it’s different.  After a recent trip, I returned home to the workload waiting when you travel which is often substantial. Travel always sounded glamourous and exciting until I started doing it with frequency for work. The reality of traveling in a COVID-19 world equates to many changes, including masks and the lesser number of passengers.…

Sue HawkesAdaptability Quotient #438

Act Your Way To Better Thinking #437

by Sue Hawkes

What could possibly go wrong?  It’s a beautiful fall day, I’ve returned from a rare trip out east for work and my computer had been acting up the week prior. Thanks to the magic of how tech works these days, our amazing IT partner works on my system remotely and pronounces my system at my home office “fixed” while I’m away.  What could…

Sue HawkesAct Your Way To Better Thinking #437

A Recipe for Reflection #436

by Sue Hawkes

What does a birthday mean to you?   For some, we dread them, knowing as we accumulate more birthdays, the numbers reflect aging. For others, we look forward to them as a reason to celebrate, reflect and deliberate on what matters most to keep improving through the turns around the sun.  Here’s a recipe courtesy of @rosemcneely for how to reflect…

Sue HawkesA Recipe for Reflection #436

When You Have the Chance #435

by Sue Hawkes

When you have the chance, take it.  The weather last week in Minnesota was reminiscent of summer and we didn’t waste a minute. Somehow, it helps you prioritize the right things, spend time with friends, get outdoors and for us that meant time on our pontoon.   We enjoyed the daylight hours though they came to an end earlier in the evening each…

Sue HawkesWhen You Have the Chance #435

The Future is “Techy-Feely” #434

by Sue Hawkes

As I think about the holidays, I’m sad knowing they’ll look different this year.   Traditions become what they are because something works and carries forward. We look forward to the patterns and the familiarity brings comfort, predictability and love of our shared reality.  At the same time, I know we’re balancing the fact that this is for one year, not forever.   That doesn’t mean we don’t…

Sue HawkesThe Future is “Techy-Feely” #434

Stop Being Nice #433

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever wished there was less tension during a work meeting? Me too; and after review, I won’t wish it away. Tension is related to conflict and conflict creates clarity. While it may be uncomfortable, that tension is what transforms a problem into an opportunity. It’s also transformative for learning. We must diverge to truly be able to converge…

Sue HawkesStop Being Nice #433

3 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Online Meeting #432

by Sue Hawkes

Plan tight and hang loose.   I was in a workshop recently learning a ton. One of the key take-aways I received as we were inundated with ideas, new ways to improve our facilitation, new ways to use Zoom, great music and stellar interaction was the discipline of planning and preparation. After seven hours online three days in a row, I was sad…

Sue Hawkes3 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Online Meeting #432

Sometimes I Change My Mind #431

by Sue Hawkes

I was in a program with Jon Berghoff last week and he shared “If we can’t honor and create space for dissent, we’re not a community.” What a powerful statement. It struck me as it seems many of us have lost this skill in the United States. We have lost the ability to disagree and commit. Our humanity and community…

Sue HawkesSometimes I Change My Mind #431