Don’t Reason Away The Gifts #418

by Sue Hawkes

It’s easier to write the story than to do the work. Whether a story, explanation, justification, reason or excuse, they all keep you in the same place. If that’s exactly where you want to be, keep talking. If not…  At a time in history when every turn is unpredictable, challenging, and disruptive, are you meeting the changes to grow and learn?  If not, what do you…

Sue HawkesDon’t Reason Away The Gifts #418

Waiting #414

by Sue Hawkes

Waiting. It’s not my strong suit. I’m not good at waiting.   My strong suits are solving problems and helping people, catalyzing people and efforts, creating memorable experiences. Except where I can’t.   In matters of health, I’m not trained and though I have immense energy, incredible passion and willingness, there’s nothing I can do, it’s out of my league.   Doing nothing feels too much like helplessness and involves patience…which is waiting.   My…

Sue HawkesWaiting #414

Four Simple Statements #412

by Sue Hawkes

Lessons from Toni Morrison (and her father):  Whatever the work is, do it well – not for the boss, but for yourself.  You make the job; it doesn’t make you.  Your real life is with us, your family.  You are not the work you do; you are the person you are.  “…since that conversation with my father I have never considered the level…

Sue HawkesFour Simple Statements #412

Too Many Feelings At Once #370

by Sue Hawkes

 As a feeling person, when the vast array of feelings collide all at once, it results in numbness for me.  I can’t process them all, can’t feel anything, and am left in a void, feeling empty and wanting to disappear.   If not disappear, I’d like to run away.   Only I can’t. I must breathe, regroup, and center myself in something bigger than my feelings.  Finding…

Sue HawkesToo Many Feelings At Once #370

Pay Attention #354

by Sue Hawkes

 This week, I worked with two of my teams in person. Since March 10, these are two of the three teams I’ve seen “live” beyond Zoom.  In the most basic of ways, the spring of 2020 has stripped the pretense of formality and left us with clarity of the “real” priorities in life. While many of us have said time and again…

Sue HawkesPay Attention #354

Getting Unstuck #258

by Sue Hawkes

It’s lonely at the top. It’s not just a phrase if you’re the CEO, a leader, or a single parent. There are many situations in life where anyone can feel isolated, alone and unsure. What can you do when you’re in that situation, feeling vulnerable, scared and wishing for a lifeline? I’ve found several things which work well for me,…

Sue HawkesGetting Unstuck #258

The Guilt Of The Season #219

by Sue Hawkes

The Guilt Of The Season #219 Why do we have guilt over not fitting everything and everyone in—especially at this time of year? I was asked this question during an interview and my take is this: many of us have bought into a “you can have it all” experience in life. We worry about others’ judgments, approval, and feelings, yet…

Sue HawkesThe Guilt Of The Season #219

Finding Joy In The Trials of Leadership

by Ali Stieglbauer

Being a female leader can be one of the most rewarding experiences any of us ever have. It can also be one of the most stressful, and at times, one of the most draining. It isn’t meant to be easy, but being women in business can be made easier through a variety of tips, strategies, and life hacks. Some of…

Ali StieglbauerFinding Joy In The Trials of Leadership

3 Ways to Be a Great Mentee

by Ali Stieglbauer

3 Ways to Be a Great Mentee As a young person in business, there is a lot to learn. I frequently say that I feel like I went to college twice with all the learning I’ve had during my years in the workforce. For us young professionals, most of the information we need to succeed gets taught on the job.…

Ali Stieglbauer3 Ways to Be a Great Mentee