She Walks Between Worlds

by Sue Hawkes

I was excited to feature my friend, Laurie Wondra, in my “Inspiring Women” column for Minnesota Business Magazine for many reasons. Laurie is not only a respected IT Professional, but also owner and Shaman at Your Life Core.  Our families hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu a few years ago, and I have experienced her connection with the spiritual realm firsthand. I was also excited to start the conversation about the metaphysical in the business world and show that the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive; in fact, they compliment each other!

An IT expert who explores her spiritual side:

“Laurie Wondra has been a CIO and VP of Client Experience. She’s currently an executive consultant and also a shaman, one who is conversant with the spiritual realm. She is incredibly sharp and incredibly spiritual. She leads global IT projects and also gives readings, performs energy healings and helps people communicate with souls no longer on Earth. Laurie serves as a perfect example of someone who is not defined by just one aspect of herself. There are different sides to all of us, and until we can authentically embrace that, we will never bring our full selves — and therefore full capacity — to the workplace.”

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Sue HawkesShe Walks Between Worlds