#6 – Reaction's Don't Lie

by Sue Hawkes

#6 – Reactions Don’t Lie
Whenever I find myself triggered by an event, I know there’s learning available to me. If I bypass the opportunity to evaluate my reaction, I become a victim of whatever happened and can guarantee the next time a similar event occurs, I’ll react again – only it will be stronger and more automatic.
If I’m aware enough and can sit in my discomfort, not rationalizing it away, there is a gift available. It requires patience and thoughtfulness. To peel back the layers of what I’m reacting to, I have to slow down and recognize I wouldn’t be reacting if there wasn’t something for me to learn and likely to correct.
It’s not easy to catch when it’s happening, it’s easier to react and keep reacting – reinforcing the thinking and behaviors that don’t work.
When I do slow down and catch it, there’s growth and wisdom available. I learn something valuable about myself and my thinking. When I do this, I move on freely and peacefully. It’s well worth it when it happens, and I’m better for it.
I will always be a work in progress, whether I like it or not.

Sue Hawkes#6 – Reaction's Don't Lie