Find Out #609

by Sue Hawkes

Finding peace in the day.   Some days, you’re ready to quit. You’ve had enough and that’s it. Sound familiar?   For me, whether I’m ready or not, I’ve found several things that will “right my world” the vast majority of the time.  During the summer months, we take a pontoon ride. Yup, that’s it. It only takes a lap or two around our sweet little lake and my concerns…

Sue HawkesFind Out #609

My People #608

by Sue Hawkes

This one needs no explaining. It is a well written summary of what it means to be an entrepreneur. If this describes you, you are my people and you make sense to me.  Thank you for your grace and patience with me (us). Remember, we love to help people and solve problems…and we’re a little goofy, but that’s also why you love…

Sue HawkesMy People #608

Patience And Progress #607

by Sue Hawkes

The above quote from Sargent Johnny Joey Jones is poignant and reminds me to remember to check myself.  It’s easy to ask what appears to be an “innocent” or “well intended” question when it’s loaded with bias, unintentional hurt or ignorance.  Learning to slow down, check in and realize that unexamined questions without the background of a trusting relationship can hurt…

Sue HawkesPatience And Progress #607

Intention And Attention #606

by Sue Hawkes

Intention and attention both contribute to attaining results, but one of them will offer more likelihood of success.  When the lack of results is the result, people offer up stories, reasons, excuses, justifications, and explanations to justify the lack. They also share what their intention was when they offered their commitment.  That’s where it all falls apart.   Your energy goes where your…

Sue HawkesIntention And Attention #606

The Mirror Didn’t Change #605

by Sue Hawkes

Never speak badly about yourself.  As I was working out, I noticed my inner voice criticizing my aging body, its flaws, and those things it can and can’t do relative to other people.  It’s not an uncommon conversation.  While we were exercising, the person I was working out with described her wedding dress and showed me photos. She is getting married this weekend.  She shared her own…

Sue HawkesThe Mirror Didn’t Change #605

Trust Your Gut #603

by Sue Hawkes

We’ve all heard the phrase “if it feels wrong, don’t do it.”   The question is, can you catch yourself as you’re feeling “wrong?” Too often, I hear people express regret because they knew better.  I had this happen recently as we had two events on the same day. I declined one, thinking we’d be happier not rushing around to accommodate both. As the day arrived,…

Sue HawkesTrust Your Gut #603

My Work Is A Daily Gift #602

by Sue Hawkes

Great lessons find their way to me in everyday life. Some come from simple Pinterest quotes or what might appear to be otherwise dismissible platitudes.   This week I had the gift of working back-to-back sessions facilitating the same purpose work with three clients who I am both a client of and facilitator for. When I say it was a gift, I mean…

Sue HawkesMy Work Is A Daily Gift #602

The Interruption I (We) Needed #601

by Sue Hawkes

It’s been a few weeks of no masks in our corner of the world. It’s as if nothing’s ever been different, except it is.   We’re savoring it.  We’re present for it.  We’re enjoying it.  Because we’re 100% right where we are.   It’s so great to hug and laugh and be with people.   Thank you for the interruption I (we) needed to be present and connected again.  I am grateful. 

Sue HawkesThe Interruption I (We) Needed #601

60% To Goal #600

by Sue Hawkes

For those of you playing along, I write a summary every 50 posts to acknowledge my lessons while writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000. I’m learning throughout the process and right now, I’m not loving it. This all began when I accepted Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post.   Perhaps it’s the pace I run at, perhaps it’s the advent of great weather and sunshine in Minnesota, perhaps it’s the fact…

Sue Hawkes60% To Goal #600

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #599

by Sue Hawkes

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is a healthy guideline for participation in our session rooms. It’s a way of working together that facilitates greatness when fully embraced by the people in the room. No matter how many times I walk teams through this, I’m surprised at how it frees leaders up and grants permission to say the things they previously only…

Sue HawkesComfortable Being Uncomfortable #599