It’s Natural #1245 

by Sue Hawkes

I often say we need to create space in order to have the space to create. Do you have the space you need?   I find mental space happens naturally for me when I spend time in nature. There are fewer distractions, which gives me the opportunity to turn inward and focus on observing myself. Being outside also provides new perspective, which is especially helpful when…

Sue HawkesIt’s Natural #1245

When Self-Care Stops Working Part 2 #1244 

by Sue Hawkes

In yesterday’s blog I shared practices I use to manage stress when self-care stops working. In our hyper-connected world, it’s become harder and harder to de-stress and unplug. Find my final practice below!   Learn to Say No   Having too many commitments creates stress. As leaders, many of us have trouble saying “no” to things. We want to be helpful…

Sue HawkesWhen Self-Care Stops Working Part 2 #1244

When Self-Care Stops Working Part 1 #1243 

by Sue Hawkes

In the age of technology where everyone is accessible all the time, it can be difficult to “turn off” work. We are constantly connected, getting email and Slack messages at all hours of the day and notifications for any new communication. While this increases productivity in many ways, it also increases stress. We’re all looking for ways to feel more…

Sue HawkesWhen Self-Care Stops Working Part 1 #1243

The Desperation Divide #1242 

by Sue Hawkes

In the face of pressing circumstances and tight deadlines, it’s easy to mistake urgency for desperation. In fact, they are quite different. One emotion comes from abundance, the other from scarcity.   Urgency, coming from abundance, fosters innovation, sparks disruption, and champions intentional immediacy. It acts as a catalyst, propelling you forward with a sense of purpose, and mobilizing people towards…

Sue HawkesThe Desperation Divide #1242

Finding Meaning #1241

by Sue Hawkes

Doesn’t it feel like the holidays begin earlier and earlier each year? It seems that Halloween candy is out in the stores the minute school supplies are purchased, and Thanksgiving starts knocking on November 1st. Although I could use a little more breathing room between the celebrations, the holiday spirit does get me thinking about whether I’m living my life…

Sue HawkesFinding Meaning #1241

Your Influence #1240 

by Sue Hawkes

Whether we want to admit it or not, we often complain about the behavior of those around us—family, friends, colleagues, service providers, and fellow drivers. This even extends to public figures like celebrities and politicians, whom we can’t directly influence, yet we still complain!   Consider those you can directly impact. The way people behave around you is a result of…

Sue HawkesYour Influence #1240

Today I Will Start with Gratitude #1239 

by Sue Hawkes

This morning, I was fully present to the sunrise. I don’t mean just observing the great colors, or simply noticing how the rolling clouds seemed almost artificial in their picturesque arrangement. In and of itself, the sunrise was spectacular, but today I was present in a way that, in a breath, everything else was magically erased. As I watched the…

Sue HawkesToday I Will Start with Gratitude #1239

Build Bridges, Not Walls Part 2 #1238 

by Sue Hawkes

In yesterday’s blog I shared practices that help build bridges in communication. Find more below!  3. Set clear expectations. No matter what your communication preference is, establishing clear expectations will increase your success. Everyone requires different amounts of information to produce results. Sharing key points, like deadlines and specific deliverables, will keep everyone accountable and on the same page. If someone needs…

Sue HawkesBuild Bridges, Not Walls Part 2 #1238

Build Bridges, Not Walls Part 1 #1237 

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve been presenting on effective communication for 30 years now, and it has consistently made me check myself as well as my results. Like anyone, I can go on “autopilot” and lose focus on being intentional with my messages. When this happens, I revert to saying things the way it’s most comfortable for me to communicate because that is easiest…

Sue HawkesBuild Bridges, Not Walls Part 1 #1237

Get Out of the Rut Part 2 #1236 

by Sue Hawkes

In yesterday’s blog I shared how self-care practices (taken one step at a time) have helped me get out of a rut at different points in my life. Today I’m sharing a few more – try them!   Getting out of a rut is a process that times time. Be patient and kind with yourself and know that even small…

Sue HawkesGet Out of the Rut Part 2 #1236