Resilience Is A Choice #442

by Sue Hawkes

Resilience is a choice. I’m hearing many leaders talking about the winter, what it means for their employees relative to the weather and the potential isolation it can offer to some people. How can we as leaders empower people to be safe, lead our teams, keep our businesses running in a healthy manner and support those around us – whether…

Sue HawkesResilience Is A Choice #442

Loss or Gain, You Choose #441

by Sue Hawkes

2020. So many people are wishing it away…I’ve certainly had my moments. Yet I challenge myself to rise to never wishing time away when I catch it. Life is short, we do not have the luxury of negative thoughts or wishing away our time. It’s a finite resource and you can’t reclaim it once it’s gone. It’s like inventory expiring…

Sue HawkesLoss or Gain, You Choose #441

No More Virtual Meetings #440

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve been reading the blog consistently, you’ve heard me say I’ve dropped the word “virtual” from talking about online or digital meetings. The reason? It suggests they’re not real. Like “virtual” reality.  It’s not reality, right?  While working with my teams online or in person, I’ve heard my share of comments ranging from   I’m drained after meetings all day…  I’d…

Sue HawkesNo More Virtual Meetings #440

The Secret To Having Energy After Hours Online (or in person!) #439

by Sue Hawkes

What’s in a meeting?  When you boil it down to the purpose of a meeting, there are many reasons we use to meet, to solve something, to brainstorm, to inform each other, to connect while using our precious time wisely.   Beneath all of that, I believe the primary purpose of every meeting (perhaps every interaction) is to advance our relationships with…

Sue HawkesThe Secret To Having Energy After Hours Online (or in person!) #439

We’ll Get Through This #428

by Sue Hawkes

“Not every day is a good day, live anyway.  Not everyone will tell you the truth, be honest anyway.  Not all deals are fair, play fair anyway.   Not all you love will love you back, love anyway.”  For those of us living into 2020, working to be resilient, seize the opportunities, stay positive and maintain composure, quotes like this can…

Sue HawkesWe’ll Get Through This #428

Think, Watch, Do #420

by Sue Hawkes

There are three approaches to learning something new. You can use these in onboarding employees, with children and with yourself as you approach new learning opportunities. This includes most of 2020.  Some people think their way to learning. They like to analyze, gather data, watch others, read about the topic, watch videos, talk with people and once sure of their…

Sue HawkesThink, Watch, Do #420

Ask A Different Question #419

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever had self-defeating talk? Me too. One of the most effective ways to reframe your thinking and get back into action is to ask yourself a question to prompt different thinking.   Here are some examples, please share your own in the comments and let us know if you try these:  I don’t understand.  What am I missing? What else do I need to know? Who could I learn…

Sue HawkesAsk A Different Question #419

Don’t Reason Away The Gifts #418

by Sue Hawkes

It’s easier to write the story than to do the work. Whether a story, explanation, justification, reason or excuse, they all keep you in the same place. If that’s exactly where you want to be, keep talking. If not…  At a time in history when every turn is unpredictable, challenging, and disruptive, are you meeting the changes to grow and learn?  If not, what do you…

Sue HawkesDon’t Reason Away The Gifts #418

Please Reconsider #417

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve posed this question before: what if you treated every conversation as if it was the last opportunity you have?  It’s a great question. It causes you to contemplate how you use your time with someone. You consider being more intentional and thoughtful about what kind of conversation matters, what topics get your attention and the experience you’d like to have.   Today, this may be exactly what I’m doing, and the gift is that I…

Sue HawkesPlease Reconsider #417

Experiencing Unity #416

by Sue Hawkes

When profound wisdom is inserted into a conversation without effort, it changes you in that moment.  I was sitting with my dear friend Mahtab and her family recently. We were all meandering the emotions that come when life is ending. To be specific, it was about her life coming to a close as she was completing her journey with esophageal cancer.   With conversations that involve finality and…

Sue HawkesExperiencing Unity #416