Your Team #1340 

by Sue Hawkes

When you think about your team, do you recognize you’ll only go as far and as fast as the sum of all?  It isn’t about any one of you, it’s about the collective. The intangible, connective tissue that bonds the team and makes those overlaps and gaps between you irrelevant.  It’s about finding resources, accelerating what can be done, and…

Sue HawkesYour Team #1340

It’s All Perspective #1339 

by Sue Hawkes

Let go.  Looking at what’s between today and tomorrow can make us feel like we have a deficit.  We don’t – it’s perceived lack based on what’s possible and that’s a big thing.  Looking at what’s between today and our past can make us feel like we’re winning.   A healthy balance of both is necessary to keep the equilibrium for…

Sue HawkesIt’s All Perspective #1339

What It Takes #1338 

by Sue Hawkes

Consistency. It’s elusive to many of us.  When learning, it’s the deal maker.  When seeking mastery, it separates those who excel from those who don’t.  In any situation where you seek to deliver excellence, from cooking to performing, doing your work to playing sports, learning an instrument or a new language, art, leadership or any other venture – it requires…

Sue HawkesWhat It Takes #1338

Getting Curious #1337 

by Sue Hawkes

One profound lesson available to us all right now is to meet people where they are.   Are you curious enough to find out what someone is dealing with right now?   Do you check in, ground yourself, and see all that is available when fully present with someone or do you breeze by, making your deposits and moving onto the next…

Sue HawkesGetting Curious #1337

A Finite Resource #1336 

by Sue Hawkes

8,760. That’s the number of hours you have in a year. 168 hours each week.  It doesn’t sound like a lot to me when you consider the number of hours you sleep, the time you spend in the car, getting ready for your day and other mandatory functions like putting gas in your car, purchasing groceries and other tasks.   When…

Sue HawkesA Finite Resource #1336

There’s a Difference #1335 

by Sue Hawkes

Productive, not busy.   They’re not the same, yet we can use the words as if they are.    We all fall into the trap of busyness. It’s in our language and our psyche.   When we’re “too busy” we become stressed, and often are less productive.  Imagine if you changed your language from busy to productive.  Can you be “too productive” and…

Sue HawkesThere’s a Difference #1335

Teamwork #1334 

by Sue Hawkes

Teamwork. It’s so rare it’s like a superpower.  With every team I coach, we define and deepen core values. Every team has one about teamwork. Every single one.   Perhaps it’s because inherently we know we can do what I can’t.  Perhaps it’s because we know we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with – you know…

Sue HawkesTeamwork #1334

Look in the Mirror #1333 

by Sue Hawkes

Leadership is an evolving way of being.  It’s not a thing you do, it’s a way of presencing yourself, a way of showing up that engages others so powerfully they show up as the best possible version of themselves as a result.  When you do it well, people rise around you. Things get done well and you enjoy most of…

Sue HawkesLook in the Mirror #1333

Appreciating Both #1332 

by Sue Hawkes

Tao Te Ching says “Your conversations help create your world. Speak of delight, not dissatisfaction.  Speak of hope, not despair. Let your words bind up wounds, not cause them.”  This is a great reminder for me.   I’m the person who enters a space and sees what’s off. Whether it’s in my home, at work, or out in the world, my brain…

Sue HawkesAppreciating Both #1332

You Still Need to Think #1331 

by Sue Hawkes

Thinking; sometimes it’s like a superpower.   In our crazy, convenience based, fast paced world, if you don’t have a core set of processes for consistent delivery of your product or services, you won’t succeed for long. There’s a fine line between consistent delivery of excellence and documenting so much that those using the system don’t have to think.   When people…

Sue HawkesYou Still Need to Think #1331