Myopic Thinking #946 

by Sue Hawkes

I consider myself a pretty efficient person, yet when I read this Charles Richards quote, I realized how much time I waste on a regular basis.   He said, “Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One person gets only a week’s value out of a year while…

Sue HawkesMyopic Thinking #946

Productivity Increased #945 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever hustled to get everything done the day before you leave for vacation?  You know, the days approaching time off are often overfull in an attempt to leave everything “in order” with as many Is dotted and Ts crossed as possible.  It’s often a less than ideal experience leading up to what’s intended to be your blissful, fun…

Sue HawkesProductivity Increased #945

Work Life Balance is Bullshit!

by Sue Hawkes Leave a Comment

I’ve asked quite a number of leaders whether there is such a thing as work life balance. Almost everyone says no without hesitation. They agree there are times we’re present, we’re grounded, we’re in sync with what matters, and we’re in the zone—feeling all the joyous personal and professional satisfaction we’re looking for. Yet, it’s as though the second we…

Sue HawkesWork Life Balance is Bullshit!

Embracing Friction #944 

by Sue Hawkes

I was at Strategic Coach today with Dan Sullivan. It was energizing and predictably impactful as usual.  We worked on removing friction while thinking about our thinking.  Early in the day, Dan shared that friction is different than an obstacle. Friction is emotional and internal. Obstacles are outside of you. What a powerful distinction.  As I pondered this, it became…

Sue HawkesEmbracing Friction #944

Increasing Energy #943 

by Sue Hawkes

Who gives you energy?   What activities give you energy?  Here’s a simple exercise to try: Write a list and don’t answer with the “right” answers. Tell the truth. Who and what fill you up?  When you stop to think, is your list long? Does it flow easily and is it hard to limit all the names and activities? If so,…

Sue HawkesIncreasing Energy #943

Toss It #942 

by Sue Hawkes

“If you’re going to worry, don’t pray. If you’re going to pray, don’t worry.”  I was fortunate enough to be at a gathering with the Women Presidents Organization in Minnesota enjoying the incredible musical journey Jevetta Steele took us on recently.  When someone sings in a way that touches your insides, moves you and offers wisdom your spirit is aching…

Sue HawkesToss It #942

Let the Firefighting Stop #941 

by Sue Hawkes

“You are not required set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” – Dr. Joi Lewis  This quote says it all. It makes you smile, and it stings at the same time.  If you’re used to propping people up, being there for others, doing whatever it takes to help, lending an ear, a dollar (or many), your time and effort,…

Sue HawkesLet the Firefighting Stop #941

In an Instant #940 

by Sue Hawkes

Relationships matter.   At the heart of it, there is nothing else.  When you run your business as if the busyness is the business, you lose.  Relationships are the intangible and visceral heart of all that matters. When you lose sight of this reality focusing on the tasks and things to do, you’ll also lose something bigger.  You’ll lose trust.   It…

Sue HawkesIn an Instant #940

Hindsight is 20/20 #939 

by Sue Hawkes

While I pride myself on doing the right thing, there are times I look back with the wisdom and perspective I lacked in the moment.  I had an event to do on the East Coast. We were scheduled in a way it would work with another event on the West Coast immediately following. It was going to be quite a…

Sue HawkesHindsight is 20/20 #939

The Gateway to Humility #938 

by Sue Hawkes

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”  ― Rumi  Last week, I lost my temper. Though I apologized quickly, it doesn’t matter, I can’t take it back. My words won’t be unheard. It may be forgiven and even forgotten, but it doesn’t change the impact.  It wasn’t the first time; I can work to be…

Sue HawkesThe Gateway to Humility #938