#18 – Traveling in a Group

by Sue Hawkes

#18 Traveling in a Group 

It’s interesting to travel in groups. You laugh, learn and morph with the ebb and flow of people as you move from event to event – especially during a retreat.  

You can learn a lot about yourself and others in the nooks and crannies of your experience, both directly and indirectly. Sometimes it seems someone is on the outside looking in and almost always, someone else notices and brings that person into the tribe again.  

With groups there are norms, not always followed, but they exist. We usually don’t know what they are until we trip over one of them. Some of us trip more than others. 

Often, we trade some of our individual preferences to make things work for the masses. In a group you just can’t have it all your way. Some people are more fluid with this than others. 

There are moments when it’s overwhelming, moments when there is raucous laughter, soft vulnerabilities, truth telling and most often wisdom shared. 

Almost always, there are some bumps and bruises, however we are usually better for it.  

It is an incredible gift to travel with a tribe; you meet yourself in each person you travel with. The question is, do you like who you meet?  

Sue Hawkes#18 – Traveling in a Group