#23 – Simple, Not Easy

by Sue Hawkes

#23 Simple, Not Easy 

Discipline. It’s not a popular subject. It often gets confused with punishment. It’s not at all the same. 

In my mind, discipline is closest to commitment. The kind you make to do something even when it’s challenging; when it’s not convenient; when it’s unpopular; when you’d rather not. 

It’s a rare thing to witness discipline in action. Ask anyone who’s mastered anything, and they will say it’s about being disciplined, being persistent and being committed to something greater than comfort.  

It’s the not-so-magic ingredient for accomplishing most worthwhile goals. It’s easy to understand and difficult to do day in and day out. Things come up. We explain, rationalize, justify and reason away our commitment in big and small ways.  

If you want to maximize success, it comes down to very few things; discipline is one of them. 

It’s really simple; it’s not easy. 

Sue Hawkes#23 – Simple, Not Easy