Losing Track of Time #26

by Sue Hawkes

Losing Track of Time #26

Meditation is one of the practices most documented as imperative to becoming a great leader, so why do so many high producing, goal-oriented people struggle with it? It feels NON-productive, that’s why.

Wellness expert Dan Miller was working with one of my groups and defined meditation by saying, “you are meditating whenever you lose track of time.”

This struck me. What a great way to “catch” those moments as they are happening and begin to replicate them with intention. Most people I know think of meditation as a form of sitting in the lotus pose, hands arranged in the mudra position while chanting the “OM” sound. While this is certainly one form of mediation, it isn’t the only one.

I’ve meditated in various ways for 20 years, yet it’s never occurred to me as Dan described.

How freeing to understand meditation another way – and how wonderful to think of all the ways I can practice losing track of time intentionally.

Think about a few of these things:

  • Staring into a fire
  • Watching waves, and listening to the ocean
  • Holding/rocking a baby
  • Walking
  • Knitting, sewing, quilting
  • Watching snow or rain fall
  • Doodling, drawing, painting
  • Riding a bike

By Dan’s definition, all of these are ways you can lose track of time while creating space between your ears and in your life. We need intentionally great leaders in our world. Are you ready?

Sue HawkesLosing Track of Time #26