Growth Equals Pain #33

by Sue Hawkes

Growth Equals Pain #33

It happens in my sessions all the time. Well-intended leaders gather and generate a list of “issues” they need to solve to clear the way and reduce friction on the business for everyone involved. So why is it they can’t focus and stay on track once it’s time to dig in and solve?

It’s the same reason people struggle with setting Rocks (90 day priorities). When it comes time to write them SMART, suddenly they get squirrely.

Accountability is a tricky thing. We seek it, yet we avoid it like the plague when we aren’t certain we can deliver – which means it will cause us to GROW.

On a daily basis, I hear people asking for and complaining about accountability on their teams. Yet many of those same people avoid, defer, go on tangents, and create excuses for their own lack of accountability.

You can’t expect what you’re not willing to do yourself. Challenge yourself. Growth equals pain. You must let go of the former version of yourself to emerge into a greater version. What’s to lose? Comfort, mediocrity and sameness. That’s all. Your choice.

Sue HawkesGrowth Equals Pain #33