Every Time I Argue With Reality I Lose #36

by Sue Hawkes

Every Time I Argue With Reality I Lose #36

When you set goals or envision your future, you engage in one of the most stimulating, exciting experiences you can have. You enter the world of possibility. The world of what hasn’t happened yet, or what could be. When you do this with another person or a team, the power of this vision multiplies and grows. It becomes a catalyst strengthened by every person contributing to that vision and engaging with what’s possible. It begins to feel more likely and moves into our world as a probability along the way. The more people involved, the more “real” it becomes – even when it’s not yet happened.

When you don’t reach a goal or attain some objective, when a relationship ends or a possibility goes unrealized for any number of reasons, you lament about what “could’ve” been. It’s called learning and growth. The idea that some dream(s), goal(s), expectation(s) or possibility(ies) won’t be realized, even if we do what we can to make it happen. If you focus on those unrealized possibilities, you will remain stuck over time, believing you knew what the future was supposed to be, all while your life is passing you by. Byron Katie says it best: “every time I argue with reality I lose.”

You can’t focus on what could’ve been and at the same time move toward what you intend to be. If you focus on what could’ve been too long, you’ll diminish your possibilities. Choosing to focus on what’s possible instead creates energy, catalyzes dreams, attracts the right opportunities and people all while moving you forward.

So, what will it be? What could’ve been or what you intend to have happen?

Sue HawkesEvery Time I Argue With Reality I Lose #36