Knowing is the Booby Prize #38

by Sue Hawkes

Knowing is the Booby Prize #38

If you’ve woken up at 2am with your brain running and your to-do list building, if you sometimes feel more like a fire fighter than a leader, if you’ve ever missed a meaningful event last-minute with family or friends because work was chaotic and you were the only one who could “fix it,” then you’re in need of a leadership team.

Not a team of leaders, but a true leadership team. Not a team of helpers who need you to guide them, tell them what to do or give them the strategy, but peers who don’t care that you’re in charge. Peers who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, unafraid and contributing their 100%, adding it to yours to make the outcome that much greater. They’re not waiting for you to decide, they’re willing to make mistakes for the greater good to ensure we’re on track with our long-term goals and are guided by their own expertise knowing we are one team, unified and progressing to something worthwhile which benefits us all.

If that sounds too good to be true, and you think you know this, but you’re experiencing some or all of what’s described in the first paragraph, you’re in denial. Knowing is the booby prize, and the only way to achieve all you imagine is possible is by having the courage to do something differently. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing expecting different results, which is the true definition of insanity.

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Sue HawkesKnowing is the Booby Prize #38