5% to Goal #48

by Sue Hawkes

5% to Goal #48

As I’m approaching 50 consecutive blog posts (5% to goal!), I’m making my first round of observations. These are my key take-aways so far. This may happen again as things synthesize.

  1. Other than making physical time, it’s getting easier to blog daily.
  2. Having an agenda to write publicly daily is making me a better observer.
  3. It’s fun (yess, I said fun) to have an externalized daily discipline.
  4. I can make this easier and more focused – it hasn’t been directly, but I want it to be relevant to our movement with Chasing Perfection. I am excited to evolve this and be better.
  5. I’m doing this because I want to, not because I have to – that’s where the fun comes from.
  6. When I was having my clarity break, focus kept coming up for me. When I arrived at my simple answer it was this: We’ve written a 10-chapter book, filled with 10 topics. 100 blogs/chapter = 1,000 blogs. SIMPLE!
  7. As I thought about that, I realized focusing on those 10 chapters and writing 10 blogs/chapter would get me 10% of the way to goal. Again, easy.
  8. Our work with clients provides endless topics and lessons – many of the ones I’ve captured have been from them. Again, simple, not always focused, but could be.
  9. Being focused also means saying “no” to things. It’s becoming clearer what’s got to change. More on that as we evolve through this journey online.
  10. I love sharing the lessons, wins and celebrations we have. Our work is our passion. That is focused.
  11. When we help people and solve problems, gracefully work through the tough stuff, and provide high-value, results driven experiences we create unstoppable teams.
  12. Being Unf♥<kwithable is our context and our focus – that keeps me clear personally and as we work. Our future unfolds as we refine this movement with Unf♥<kwithable leaders.
  13. Being a beginner at anything is challenging and revealing. I’m experiencing both sides of that with blogging and podcasting. Mastery takes time, I am a willing learner. I wish it was faster!
  14. Even as I’m making this up, there’s so much encouragement and support that I am willing to continue despite the rough spots.
  15. Risking publicly isn’t for everyone, it works for me as I am more likely to perform when I think people are watching (even if they’re not)!

So, here’s to the next 50 blogs, one blog at a time!

Sue Hawkes5% to Goal #48