Hard Work Pays Off #53

by Sue Hawkes

Hard Work Pays Off #53

Hard work pays off. You don’t always know when, but it does. 

We were doing Spring yard work recently. It was mostly raking and removing leaves, sticks and debris from our gardens. Last year, we moved away from a suburban lot, slightly wooded, mostly landscaped and straightforward. It didn’t require too much and was something we were used to.  

Our new place has woods and a lake. It requires more work than our previous place and we like it. There’s something peaceful and meditative about raking, or really doing anything in a beautiful setting to make it even better. As I spent hours raking leaves and cleaning out the Hosta beds that line our driveway, it was amazing to experience the abundance of gratitude that filled me up as I worked. 

It got me thinking about our clients and how our Core Values guide us and those we choose to work with. They are all hardworking, sincere, caring, generous, philanthropic, kind, fun and intentional people. Our work is easier because we align on who we all are and the work we get to do together. It occurred to me it wasn’t always this way. And just like I was filled with pride for the home we have and the beauty we enjoy daily, I was equally proud of our clients, the work they do, the people they employ, the care they take for their people and their Vision, the sincerity with which they lead and the joy it generates when you love the people and work you do. 

It does require effort, however when you step back with appreciation of the people you work with, the values based partnerships we have and the impact of it all, it pays off – and it sure doesn’t seem like work, even though it required effort. 

Sue HawkesHard Work Pays Off #53