Your Choice #61

by Sue Hawkes

Your Choice #61

Here he comes again, you hope he’s not stopping by. You know the guy, the one who asks, “do you have a minute?” And it’s never a minute. NEVER. In fact, I was recently at a presentation by Cy Wakeman (who is fabulous if you ever have the chance to see her – she’s a drama researcher) and she said the research says the average “got a minute” meeting is 45 minutes long.

YESS! you heard that right. 45 minutes. And how many times do you get interrupted for a “got a minute” meeting during your day? I’m betting it’s more than once. So, if you’re ever looking for ways to optimize your time, be more effective during the day or gain control of your schedule, one simple improvement that can make a world of difference is to say “no” when asked if you have a minute.

Now you don’t need to be rude about it, however this simple answer could give you back several hours in your day. If you’re prone to maximize the effectiveness of this practice, you could offer this potential shoplifter of your time the opportunity to write down their thoughts and circle back at a suggested time once they’ve emailed them to you for some thoughtful input to get them the best answer. It’s a simple hack, but could be a game changer if you’re one of those wonderfully accessible, accommodating, people pleasing sorts who’d rather complain after the fact than to risk someone’s immediate gratification at your expense.

Your choice, and your time.

Sue HawkesYour Choice #61