Eliminate Shoplifting of Time #64

by Sue Hawkes

Eliminate Shoplifting of Time #64

For those following along with this week’s eradication of the “got a minute meeting” in your work life, this post will serve you in preventing yourself (or others) from asking for one, if possible. This is your checklist for preventing you from shoplifting time or hijacking the productivity of those you work with.

Before you interrupt anyone do these things:

  • Ask yourself, can this wait? (for your L10 meeting or other weekly meeting?)
    • W.A.I.T. :
      • Why
      • Am
      • Talking?
  • Who would benefit from hearing this discussion? (should I wait and gather the “right” people?)
  • Is this issue time sensitive?
  • Is this issue mission critical?
  • Is there a resource, other than a person where I can get the answer?
  • Can I resolve my question with automation?
  • Can this be outsourced?
  • Am I the right person to be dealing with this situation/project/job/task?
    • If not, is there a cheaper, more efficient, outsourced, delegated or automated possibility?
  • Am I prepared to take action?
  • Have I prepared for this meeting? 
    • Check out my L10 meeting prep video here
  • Have I thought through the issue? What do I want? What issue am I solving?
    • What’s in the way?
    • What do I need help with?
    • Who is the easiest person to ask?
  • Who is the best person to ask?
    • Are there other people who are more accessible than the person I’m thinking of?
    • Who is the most accessible, best person to ask?

If you run through this entire checklist, you should reduce or remove your own tendency to shoplift unnecessary time from your teammates. Please share this with others to gain focused time in your week. If you have suggestions to add to the list, please comment below.

Sue HawkesEliminate Shoplifting of Time #64