There are No “Throw Away” Moments #70

by Sue Hawkes

There are No “Throw Away” Moments #70

Your actions speak louder than words. We’ve all heard this, but do we believe it?

There are no “throw away” moments. It’s as if we’re always in a glass house, on stage with others watching and observing. Do you treat your moments like this? Or do you treat some of them more intentionally than others, believing that you’ll get a do over, that audience (be it one or many) will understand, that your circumstances will allow you to stray from excellence?

If so, join the mediocre. The intentionally great will challenge themselves to be better, strive for more, not relax or slack. They will demand more of themselves beyond convenience to show up no matter what. Why?

Because you never know who’s watching, who needs you or how it matters. There are no “throw away” moments, we’re counting on you.

Sue HawkesThere are No “Throw Away” Moments #70