There’s No Problem a Pontoon Ride Can’t Solve #71

by Sue Hawkes

There’s No Problem a Pontoon Ride Can’t Solve #71

When we moved to our lake home, I had no clue what I was in for.

For us, coming home is now an experience of letting go, releasing, forgetting the busyness of the day and week. On a long weekend like this, I find a day in nature with family and friends to be the ultimate reward for the work that’s gone into enjoying this life.

Our pontoon boat is a source of peace. There’s something magical, ethereal, and calming about puttering around our lake. We enjoy friends, music and conversation. The water is its own reward. The repetition of the waves and the Vitamin D we absorb as we float releases any thought of hurrying or pressure.

When together on the boat, we talk. We really connect. There is no need for a device other than for music or an occasional photo. We are all present at the same time. And we laugh. A lot.

Some deep discussions have happened on that boat. It’s as if the pontoon itself absorbs the challenges and opens the pathways to peace.

For someone who doesn’t easily relax, this new lifestyle has been a game changer for me. What’s yours? How do you find peace daily amidst your overly full calendar? What do you look forward to that instantly reconciles the busyness of your world?

Sue HawkesThere’s No Problem a Pontoon Ride Can’t Solve #71