Naturally Present #73

by Sue Hawkes

Naturally Present #73

I’m in the west today, it’s different than the calm of the water I described in blog #71; it’s rugged, majestic and expansive. Every shade of green covers the fields, and though Montana has not yet fully welcomed the golden hues of summer, it’s beautiful. We are fortunate to be surrounded by friends while staying at their welcoming and thoughtfully designed ranch.

They have a bunch of “critters” and I’ve fallen in love with a donkey named Bonita who is pictured above. Their life here is a wonderful contrast to mine at work or at home on the lake. There are real occurrences of bear and coyotes, but it’s a way of life, not a threat. We ate at one of the four restaurants in town, it’s an hour to the grocery store and nothing feels urgent, that’s new and awakening for me. We spent our day and evening catching up and watching “The Horse Whisperer” as it rained. We have no schedule for tomorrow, we’ll sleep until everyone is rested. It feels luxurious and fitting for where we are. At home, this may not be the case for me. It’s inherent in the environment and how they do life here. Work hard, respond to the weather and land, be present and respond. It feels very natural.

We’ll go see where the movie was filmed today and if the weather allows, roam the ranch – either by foot or horseback. Nature has a way of calming the soul. Slowing down to appreciate the beauty surrounding us, operate without a schedule and drink in the medicine of being present does more than refresh your scope, it renews your soul.

As a leader, perspective is what you bring to the table. If you’re scheduled to the max, doing the same things, seeing the same people and constantly on deadline, you will lose your way. You must create the space in order to have the space to create.

How will you create space, clarity and opportunity for yourself and others? It’s worth considering…and I’d encourage you to include a “by when” or it may not make your to do list.

Sue HawkesNaturally Present #73