Because… #79

by Sue Hawkes

Because… #79

This was shared with me from a former client. It’s inspirational for leaders and plays out every day to be true.

Because I call it challenge rather than crisis;
Because I look at hardship as opportunity instead of obstacle;
Because, at this end of the matter, I ask “what will I learn from this to make me better?”;
Because I take a deep breath and do the difficult thing first;
Because my courage does not depend on the weather, the economic forecast or the winds of whim;
Because I know the most significant elements in my day are laughter, learning and applying my finest effort to each endeavor;
Because of these things, each morning is a pleasure and every day passed a success.

Some days, you just need a reminder. Today is that day.
Here’s to maximizing success!
Thanks Brian Murdock for the gift that keeps giving, I am grateful!

Sue HawkesBecause… #79