Visionaries Get a Bad Rap #92

by Sue Hawkes

Visionaries Get a Bad Rap #92

Visionaries get a bad rap. On one hand, they are hyper focused at times and then also appear scattered and unfocused. They don’t follow through – except when and where it counts. They are great starters, not always great finishers. They are inspirational, influential, and intense. They are the people who can find the one or two “things” no one else thought of every time. They can describe what’s possible, enroll others into doing the work and change their mind on a dime. Their lives look chaotic to others. They are often misunderstood from the outside looking in. They enjoy breaking rules, especially if they are limiting possibilities.

On the other hand, Visionaries are creators. They imagine things that could be, that aren’t yet. They help people and solve problems. They have the passion and determination to create businesses. They see the future and seize it before others see it coming. They are the fun bringers. Where others quit, they persist. They are charismatic. They gracefully work through the tough stuff others won’t or can’t. They change things. They believe in greatness and see problems as opportunities. They change the game and blaze the trails. They breathe life into situations others give up on. They champion the underdog. They feel like an outsider and work hard to include others. They cause. They won’t settle. Ever.

No wonder Visionaries get a bad rap. Most people are better editors than creators.

Sue HawkesVisionaries Get a Bad Rap #92