The Only Thing Between You and Bliss #94

by Sue Hawkes

The Only Thing Between You and Bliss #94

When things change it opens the space. Space in your mind, your environment, your beliefs and your possibilities.

You can focus on what you’re losing, what’s going away, how “hard” it will be or what you don’t like about the changes. You can also focus on what you’re gaining, what’s emerging, how “fun” it will be to learn and grow and what you enjoy about the changes.

Depending on what you focus on, your experience will follow. Feelings always follow thoughts. It’s not the other way around. When we think certain thoughts, it produces certain feelings which reinforce the thoughts and dictate our experience. With enough practice, we don’t notice any connection and think our experience is the “truth” instead of the result of our thinking.

We moved this past weekend. Both my home and office space changed physically. Though we had movers, we walked 30,000 steps that day. We were physically tired at the end of the day. This week, we are energized. Though it’s an environmental change – stuff moved, nothing much more than that – it’s invigorating. Energetically, we feel like there’s space all around us and a new flow.

It’s not the truth. It’s the story we’re telling and believing. And it’s working.

When you realize the only thing between you and bliss is your thinking, you are free.

Having practices to sustain bliss more often…that’s the trick. Otherwise you need to keep changing (abandoning, quitting, testing) things to make up for your faulty thinking.

Want to be happy? Think again.

Sue HawkesThe Only Thing Between You and Bliss #94