A Skill We All Need to Master #96

by Sue Hawkes

A Skill We All Need to Master #96

We’re on a staycation with family this week. It’s terrific. Our process to create the week and events we’ll attend has been as fun as the beginning of the fun.

We are grateful to have lake fun every day, but beyond that we wanted to create an experience with memories we’d cherish.

Being intentional about the week has made the process more interesting overall. We played a homemade trivia game to open 19 different boxes wrapped inside one another to arrive at the prize…that our family vacation this year would be at our lake home.

What’s great about our family is that we all enjoyed playing the game as much as the result (maybe more). In the final box was a 4th of July at the lake puzzle (we enjoy doing puzzles together), and an assignment.

Each of us was to generate a list of things to do in Minnesota that we’ve not done before and would like to experience. We created a combined list of 51 things to do together (so far). We began this week and will plan on doing them all over the coming years. We will likely add to the list over time as well.

Though it’s not the same as hopping on a plane and traveling elsewhere, it’s great to be a tourist in your own state.

We’re excited to see new things as well as revisit familiar things with new eyes. It’s a skill we all need to master whether at home or work.

Sue HawkesA Skill We All Need to Master #96