You Can Stay Home for That #97

by Sue Hawkes

You Can Stay Home for That #97

Today was a wonderful, unique surprise. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re doing a family vacation with a smorgasbord of events we’ve chosen from each of our family member’s lists. With our daily event(s), we also include lake time and relaxation. With a forecast of rain almost daily (☹), this may be the easiest part to accommodate.

Since much of what our active family has chosen to do is outdoors, we are glued to the weather app to coordinate our timing, and today it worked out as if we conspired with Mother Nature in perfect harmony.

Today’s events included a Segway tour of Minneapolis followed by either lawn bowling at Brits or Juicy Lucy’s at Matt’s Bar depending on weather. I’ll be honest, none of these events made my list for varying reasons.

The bar was set low for me, and as usual, this led to an entirely wonderful experience. I went with an open mind and enjoyed all of it, including the divine timing with the weather.

The Segway tour was fun; surprisingly more interesting and enjoyable than I anticipated. Whenever I’ve passed people on those tours, I’ve had mixed thoughts of “that looks nerdy” to “wow, glad it’s not me on there.” Let me cut to the chase and say, I’d gladly do it again AND I’d take friends visiting from out of town to do it. We learned a bunch about our home, and we toured and saw our city from entirely new vantage points through a new lens. It was well worth the time, and we all enjoyed it greatly.

Then the weather began, literally at the end of our tour as we hopped in the car. Off to Matt’s Bar for Juicy Lucy’s. Two of our family hadn’t had one before and they loved it. What I reveled in was not the food, ambiance or service, it was the fun they had and the experience of their food.

There’s something so sweet in engaging with others having a “first time” experience of anything. When it isn’t your thing, you have a choice. Resent it, dread it or some version of that experience or find the joy in what’s happening with those you love who’ve been anticipating this experience for some time. It’s good to have your eyes opened to someone else’s new experience, otherwise you’re validating what you already know…and you can stay home for that.

Sue HawkesYou Can Stay Home for That #97