Will You Hang in There? #98

by Sue Hawkes

Will You Hang in There? #98

Puzzles. They are great activities if you want time together with opportunity to laugh, talk or sit in silence working while being together.

People love or hate them. I love them. We found a particularly difficult puzzle while in Iceland, and are as a family challenged to complete it. Too many pieces fit together and are too similarly colored. It’s led to working and re-working the same areas of the picture to get it right.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned things and had discussions and laughed. We’ve hit the wall of frustration and walked away, only to be drawn to it again when our eyes, minds and attitudes are refreshed.

We’re making progress. It’s not happening as fast as we’d like. We didn’t choose the easy puzzle, we chose the difficult one.

Life and people are a lot like a puzzle. When you hang in there, magic happens over time if you’re willing to work through the challenges and oversights, the less than obvious fits and misfits. The question is whether you will work through it or not.

Sue HawkesWill You Hang in There? #98