It Takes Practice #106 

by Sue Hawkes

It Takes Practice #106 

The gift of teamwork. It’s an almost magical feeling to work with a group of people you love in a sort of dance to coordinate efforts for a shared outcome.  

This week during our staycation, we made our meals together. By mid-week, we were a fine-tuned machine. Everyone contributed, no one shouldered the majority and we had fun doing the work.  

It becomes a graceful dance, but not without the practice rounds. We had a few stubbed toes through the week, but for the most part, learned how to find the needs and anticipate what to do. 

The same was true of our excursions on the boat. Once we found our systems, we all took pieces of what was to be done and it all worked in time.  

Teams work this way. A lot of practice happens before the refinement of what the finished product becomes. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or home, setting up systems and processes, asking everyone to contribute, and making mistakes while improving incrementally every time is the path to ease. 

If you only see the finished product, you’ll mistakenly believe it is easy. It’s not. Ease comes from persistence, correction, consistency and refinement. Simple, yess. Easy, no.  


Sue HawkesIt Takes Practice #106