How to Live a Wealthy Life #117

by Sue Hawkes

How to Live a Wealthy Life #117

Wealth. It’s a juicy word I’ve been contemplating. The definition is: an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount. (

In a scarce world, how do you come from abundance; or wealth? For me, the word transcends money. It is inclusive of time, energy, money, intellect, possibilities and resources.

When I consider where scarcity creeps in most often for me, it’s in the time category. Some days, it seems I am battling a conversation with myself about how little I have – especially for the things I deem most important. Really, that’s priority management, not time management.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, yet some days are more productive than others. Some days it seems I have an abundance of time to complete all intend and desire to. Other days, I lose focus, or I assume I have nothing but time. These are the days when the details, circumstances and conditions win in capturing my attention seemingly causing time to accelerate and diminish as quickly as a firefly in the darkness.

Intentionally great leaders use time wisely. They prioritize, clarify objectives, focus and deliver. These leaders have discipline. They are clear what to say YESS! and No to. They live with boundaries around who, what, where and how they are willing to contribute. They are wealthy because they know what they will and won’t spend time doing. These leaders aren’t driven by being liked, or popular, they operate from clear values and principles which garner respect.

These are the leaders I am designing my life with and the circle I choose to surround myself with at work and home. It is a process by which I need to consistently evaluate and stay accountable to aligning my intentions with my actions.

If you are an intentionally great leader who is committed to excellence in all areas of your life – your business, your family, your health, your relationships, your finances, your community, your recreation and your spirituality – keep your eyes and ears open. We’ve got something in progress for you. A community of leaders accountable to living their version of an intentionally great life by design.

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Sue HawkesHow to Live a Wealthy Life #117