Please help us reach 100? #118 

by Sue Hawkes

Please help us reach 100? #118 

Many of you followed our Minnesota staycation through social media. As a result, we were surprised by the number of requests for the “list” we generated of ideas we have for exploring our home state. We’ve now visited several of them and will continue adding to the list over the coming years to ensure we continue to explore our fabulous state as a family.  

Since we are sharing our list, we’d appreciate it if you take the time to read or download it to add at least one unique item so we can grow it to at least 100? We’d appreciate learning more from you and making this a community-based adventure. Please be generous and share one or more if you download so we can reach our goal of 100 (or more!) – THANK YOU!


Please add your items in the comments – we’re working to get to 100+!  

Download the list here.  



Sue HawkesPlease help us reach 100? #118