Mastery Begins in the Mind #122 

by Sue Hawkes

Mastery Begins in the Mind #122 

I arrived at the MSP airport as usual (yess, if you travel frequently you even think in airport codes – MSP is Minneapolis St. Paul for those who may not know), ready to quickly move through the security line. I have all the possible accessories to accelerate this because, again, any delay is time away from home. 

When I arrive – full disclosure – it’s not very early. I try to arrive with only enough time to make it to the gate. I don’t enjoy long waits in the airport lounge. Today, I received exactly what I didn’t enjoy — many delays to my flight. As usual, I had plenty to do, so I took advantage of the time and got work done. As the delay turned into multiple delays, I alerted my husband and client of the situation. 

What turned out to be a 5-hour delay eventually landed me at my destination at 3 am instead of 10 pm. I would arrive at my hotel around 3:30 and need to leave by 7 am to arrive at my session. 

As I talked with my husband Kevin on the phone as the 10 pm boarding time approached, we discussed the potential of coming home and missing my session the next day. I’ve only had that happen one time prior. I don’t miss work. Even when Mother Nature or my body are presenting challenges, it’s just not how I operate. If the crew timed out, or the weather between the cities continued, what were my alternatives? I came up with options; however, few of them worked for this trip.  

Thankfully, we boarded at 10…finally. 

As I said goodbye to Kevin, he asked me how I was going to be able to perform for the session the next day. He knows I can’t typically sleep on planes. My reply was simple: “It is going to be a great session; I’m going to focus on the client. This is their day; I don’t have time to be tired.” 

I could focus on the problem (my own comfort/needs), or I could focus on my purpose and intention for the day (their needs/expectations). It was that simple. I did the latter in this case, and we had one of our best sessions ever and the day flew by.  

Mastery begins in the mind. Perhaps that’s where it lives, and everything else flows from there?  

Sue HawkesMastery Begins in the Mind #122