Are You Set up to Win? #125 

by Sue Hawkes

Are You Set up to Win? #125 

Have you ever wondered how people approach teamwork? During a session recently, one leader shared this gem referencing a study they’d recently heard about that stated: “Women need to bond to win, men need to win to bond.” 

Interesting. It made me think, and though I wonder if it was specific to gender or not, it makes sense to me watching teams. 

It’s similar with communication and based on trust.  

For some people, trust is earned. This means your actions and words need to be congruent over time, or you’ll lose credibility. It usually takes a significant amount of time and consistency to earn and maintain trust with these people. This is the “win to bond” group. 

For others, trust is assumed. This means you enter the relationship at 100%, and your actions and words are assumed trustworthy over time until you prove otherwise. You’ll have several chances; however, once it’s lost, you may never get it back. This is the “bond to win” group. 

Who do you surround yourself with? Are you set up to win? 

Sue HawkesAre You Set up to Win? #125