The Tamer of Perfection #126

by Sue Hawkes

The Tamer of Perfection #126

Excellence is always an option. Sometimes, it’s evasive and when life is overfull, excellence seems harder to reach given the time constraints.

I don’t do well only doing things halfway. In fact, I have so many ideas about what’s possible and how great something can be, it becomes hard for me to settle.

I’m learning how to manage that as excellent doesn’t mean it has to be elaborate. I can temper my ideas and reach excellence in this moment, knowing I can always pursue the next level upon completion.

Balancing my desire to exceed expectations and deliver excellence with realism has never been a strength. Finding a balance between what’s possible and what’s probable is the secret for me.

Learning to manage my own expectations is challenging. I’d like to believe that other people’s expectations are what is pushing me, but they are not.

In my mind, what sometimes seems like lowering the bar is the path to consistent success. Learning to accept and celebrate the many wins along the way is the tamer of perfection.

Sue HawkesThe Tamer of Perfection #126